Carlos Jose Arboleya, Miami, Florida Born: Havana Cuba, (U. S. Citizen)
Wife: Marta Aurora Quintana (Deceased) Born: San Cristobal, Pinar del Rio, Cuba (U. S. Citizen)
Son: Carlos Joaquin Arboleya, Jr. Esquire (Deceased) Born: Havana Cuba, (U. S. Citizen)

Father: Fermin Arboleya(Deceased)
Mother: Ana Quiros (Deceased)



Carlos Arboleya's Philosophy

Carlos Arboleya believes in the "American Dream" can be achieved by anyone and everyone if he or she is willing to endure the sacrifices and work hard for it.

Because of his struggles in youth, in having to watch his country fall into the hands of the Communists, he has never taken the American way of life for granted.

He spends a great deal of time publicly speaking about Americanism and the beauty of the American dream in action.

His favorite audiences are young people and students, for he believes that a clear understanding of the American way of life and the free enterprise system by those who will govern the destiny of our nation in the future, will make America even greater nation than what it is today.

Some of Carlos' favorite quotes are:

"There is nothing one person can do, that another cannot, if one sets himself or herself to the task of doing it, and in so, one does it with enthusiasm, has the determination to succeed, the confidence in one's self, the faith and belief in God, the pride of heritage, country and flag, the love of family and the respect of friends; for those are the true ingredients of success."

"Community involement is my way of saying, "Thank you, U.S.A.!" for being the greatest nation in the universe, for where else but in America can a person arrive on its shores with forty dollars in his pocket, a wife and a one year old son, and in a short seven years later become the first naturalized Cuban-American to be president of a national bank in the United States, ONLY IN AMERICA."


"There are two ways to reach the top. One is by stepping on people as you go up, the other way is by helping and pulling other people up as you climb your ladder. If you choose the first one, you may make it, but you will not last very long on top because the people you have stepped on will do everything they can to get out from under you, and you will fail. But if you help the people and pull them up as you succeed, there comes a point where you do not have to pull anyone up anymore, for they begin to push you and help you go up, for they know if you succeed , they will , too."

In 2004 he was inducted into the "Florida Legends Hall of Fame".


The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce presented him in 2005 its highest honor the "Sand In My Shoes Award."